Danny-BuckMission Statement

Our company strives to create living examples, which demonstrate respect and care for the earth and its people. We are committed to quality and value in our relationships, products and services.

Company Description

The earth is in crisis with growing global climate disruption. This is due to an ever increasing quantity of CO2 and other waste gases in the atmosphere. Buildings contribute about half of those gasses. Our commitment is to build the most energy efficient buildings that we can, to do our part in upgrading and replacing the world’s building stock with the new generation of buildings that produce more energy than they use. Our focus includes high-end residential homes, low income housing, remodeled homes and additions, business offices and  grocery stores. Permaculture based landscaping includes projects from residential to large scale erosion restoration.

We are committed to helping people design and build the indoor and outdoor spaces that they need to live and work in. We offer homes; yards and gardens; and work spaces that are responsive to the larger environment of neighborhood, region and planet. We work on both new and remodeled projects from low income housing projects to high end custom homes; and from office remodels to new commercial projects.

Our orientation can be defined in terms of “green construction”, which considers:

  • Lot design
  • Resource efficiency
  • Energy efficiency
  • Water efficiency
  • indoor environment quality
  • education of the new owner regarding recycling, water use and efficiency of energy use.

We bring a long and deep experience of naturally providing for necessary heating and cooling loads through control and use of sunlight and ventilation (passive solar). We have recently embarked on building the extreme thermal envelope required for certifications of Passive House (Passivhaus in German) where the heat generated by occupants and their bathing and cooking basically suffices to cover the heating load, where simple 24/7 ventilation suffices for cooling.

Our core roots grew out of the tenants of permaculture design and our training and experience in this area.


Related Projects towards Energy & Resource Self Sufficiency

Southwest’s First “Passive House”
Featured in Su Casa Magazine - Spring 2012
Daniel Buck Construction was pleased to build the Southwest’s first certified “Passive House”. It is in the City of Santa Fe, New Mexico’s historic rail yard district. At the time of construction there were only 15 or so Passive Houses in the U.S. This “German Passivhaus” construction technique combined with proper solar orientation uses 90 percent less energy than houses constructed with standard building methods. The project received the highest sustainability rating by the National Home Builders Association, “Emerald” - joining just four others in the state.
New Mexico’s First “Energy Star Home”
Albuquerque Journal – March 22, 1999
In 1999 the Environmental Protection Agency - EPA certified this new home with a four star rating because it was 65% above the EPA’s national model energy code. Located in Santa Fe the home cools itself in the summer and heats itself during the winter months due to the trade winds and passive solar orientation. Water Harvesting catchments were planned into the landscaping and healthy building practices specified non-toxic paints, and wood treatments to reduce toxins.

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