• Historic adobe remodel with new kiva fireplace Historic adobe remodel with new kiva fireplace A kiva wood-burning insert was added to the room for ambiance and efficiency. Metal sliding windwos replaced with wood clad casements. Skylight above chair in front of fireplace lights the chimney.
  • Living room before adobe remodel Living room before adobe remodel Quality concrete floor was kept and refinished. The 7'10" sheetrock ceilings were removed in order to insulate and we found 12" deep beams bearing at 10'.
  • Sunroom / Entry before remodel. Sunroom / Entry before remodel. The sunroom before the remodel had a painted wood structure and indoor / ourdoor carpet.
  • Adobe remodeled Entry / Sunroom. Adobe remodeled Entry / Sunroom. The wooden frame of the sunroom was stuccoed to create a more cohesive design and be UV resistant. This lovely Sunroom is now the main entry with a found and refurbished front door.
  • Dining area before remodel. Dining area before remodel. Nichos and arched doorway were kept.
  • Dining area after adobe remodel. Dining area after adobe remodel. The floor received a colored concrete topping slab to accommodate radiant heat. Insulation was sprayed between the beams, burying the upperhalf of them and the lower half was stained and left exposed.
  • Kitchen before remodel. Kitchen before remodel. The wall behind the old kitchen cabinetry and the floor were torn out. Plumbing was run to the new sink location. Ceiling was torn out and top half of beams were buried in insulation. Electrical panel and water heater moved to utility room.
  • Affordable kitchen renovation. Affordable kitchen renovation. The bottom half of the exisiting beams were cleaned, stained and left exposed. New slab with radiant heat and new Saltillo tile. New skylight lights stove area.
  • Master Bedroom before remodel. Master Bedroom before remodel. Exisiting rotted wood floors and crumbling plaster. The ceiling was removed to expose origianl vigas (note ceiling height above door in the next picture). Floors removed, plumbing lines run through room and slab with radiant heat was poured.
  • Master Bedroom adobe remodel with exposed Vigas. Master Bedroom adobe remodel with exposed Vigas. New door and window installed. New ceiling, insulation and roof installed. All walls plastered. Wood flooring installed over new concrete slab.
  • Master Bedroom with exposed Vigas after remodel. Master Bedroom with exposed Vigas after remodel. Bright and airy new master bedroom with radiant heat under the wood floors.
  • Master bathroom remodel in historic adobe. Master bathroom remodel in historic adobe. All interior walls and ceilings were removed. Waher / dryer moved to utility room. Rotted wood floors replaced with tiled concrete over new plumbing runs. All walls replastered, ceiling insulated and sheetrocked.
  • Sunroom before remodel. Sunroom before remodel. The sunroom had a painted wood structure and indoor / outdoor carpet.
  • Sunroom / Entry remodeled. Sunroom / Entry remodeled. The entry / sunroom / foyer of the house now has a stained concrete floor, stuccoed walls and an insulated sheetrock ceiling.
  • Studio kitchen before remodel. Studio kitchen before remodel.
  • Studio kitchen area after historic adobe remodel. Studio kitchen area after historic adobe remodel.
  • Studio bathroom before remodel Studio bathroom before remodel
  • Studio bathroom after remodel. Studio bathroom after remodel. The renovated bathroom is bright and cheerful with beautiful finishes.

Santa Fe Historic Adobe Remodel

The goal of this project was to save an old adobe home from demolition by neglect. This foreclosed and empty house was purchased with no value on the structure and seen as a tear down.

The owner’s zeal for historic preservation and maintaining the cultural landscape of the neighborhood were motivating factors in returning this home to a solid component of the social fabric through restoration.

The project provided the opportunity for living within walking distance of much of downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico, while also having a small studio rental.

The goal was to modernize an historic adobe home, giving it quality features and appointments while keeping its existing charm and feeling of timelessness.

Floors were to be kept and refinished where possible, plastered walls were to be re-plastered, a kive fireplace was desired and natural light and energy efficiency was to be increased.

The energy efficiency of the home needed improvement.

All work was to be accomplished on a modest budget.


Related Projects towards Energy & Resource Self Sufficiency

Southwest’s First “Passive House”
Featured in Su Casa Magazine - Spring 2012
Daniel Buck Construction was pleased to build the Southwest’s first certified “Passive House”. It is in the City of Santa Fe, New Mexico’s historic rail yard district. At the time of construction there were only 15 or so Passive Houses in the U.S. This “German Passivhaus” construction technique combined with proper solar orientation uses 90 percent less energy than houses constructed with standard building methods. The project received the highest sustainability rating by the National Home Builders Association, “Emerald” - joining just four others in the state.
New Mexico’s First “Energy Star Home”
Albuquerque Journal – March 22, 1999
In 1999 the Environmental Protection Agency - EPA certified this new home with a four star rating because it was 65% above the EPA’s national model energy code. Located in Santa Fe the home cools itself in the summer and heats itself during the winter months due to the trade winds and passive solar orientation. Water Harvesting catchments were planned into the landscaping and healthy building practices specified non-toxic paints, and wood treatments to reduce toxins.

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